Core Return Guideline

In order to guarantee the high quality of our products, it is essential, that we together in close co-operation with our customers, ensure the return and availability of used and old calipers.

This is why Budweg Caliper  has developed the following  processes description for returning old caliper units  – from the customer's own handling and forward to the issue of a credit note. For the benefit of all parties, this guideline enables a transparent, smooth and efficient handling of core returns.

Core Return Criteria

Please return used calipers after "Back in Box" principle. That means, that they have to be returned in the same box as the new unit you bought and received from Budweg Caliper.

The returned unit must be identical to the purchased unit.

The caliper box should not be taped, as this will slow down the handling time of core return.

The barcode must be recognizable and readable in Budweg Caliper systems and it is important that there are no other, additional barcodes, labels or similar placed on the same side as the Budweg Caliper barcode is placed.

This is due to our automated barcode scanning, which cannot capture several bar codes and labels.

Budweg Caliper accepts shipments in the following packaging:

  • Euro pallets
  • Grids
  • Pallets with pallet frame

Other packaging must be approved by Budweg Caliper.

Dimensions of approved packaging: 80 cm (width) x 120 cm (length) x 102 cm (max. height)

It is possible to send claims together with old units as long as they are packed in a separate box and placed at the top of the pallet.

A yellow sticker (that you receive from Budweg Caliper) needs to be placed on both ends of the pallet, in case that the shipment contains claims, too.

With regard to the shipment of claims, we would like to refer to our guidelines at:

                  Please use the following address for core return:

                      Budweg Caliper A/S

                      Port 9

                      Industrivej 10

                      5260 Odense S


Documents need to contain the following information:

  • Budweg Caliper’s complete delivery address.
  • Port 9 as delivery address reference, as it is this port the shipping companies have to address to upon arrival at Budweg Caliper.
  • Customer number.
  • Requisition number.

The delivery note needs to contain the following information:

  • Budweg Caliper’s complete delivery address.
  • Port 9 as delivery address reference.
  • The text “Core Return".
  • Company name.
  • Number of pallets.
  • Weight.

We kindly ask you to advice shipments of 8 pallets or more.

Each return shipment has to contain at least 10 units.

The stacking of pallets during transportation is accepted only if the packaging is suitable for it.

Budweg Caliper's handling time is 8 weeks (from receipt of old cores until crediting).

Receipt of old units

Identification of old units

Stocking of old units

Credit Note

Core Acceptance Criteria

Rejection rate for used units is less than 3%.

For rejection causes Budweg Caliper uses codes, that we list on your credit note in case of rejected calipers.

The following images illustrate the few cases, where it is impossible to remanufacture an old caliper and, therefore, the old unit will be rejected.

Please download here.